3 Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples

A whiteboard explainer video is a powerful way to engage your prospects and customers.

There’s something about whiteboard animation that has an almost hypnotic way of drawing in a viewers attention. The act of seeing images and words drawn on a board just sucks us in and keeps us on board. What will be drawn next? What goes in that white space over there? And study after study has shown how important video is in our marketing strategy overall.

Whiteboarding appeals to the core human interests of curiosity and discovery, and the presence of the human hand guides the video along in a way that often feels more organic than regular animated explainer videos.

Think about it this way. You go to a meeting and someone goes through a slide deck with you on the projector. That’s probably going to be boring. Then you go to a second meeting and someone sketches and writes on a whiteboard while talking through their ideas. Bringing in a whiteboard and drawing and writing live is much more appealing and engaging.

Because the whiteboard explainer video gets drawn out in real time, it appeals in the many of the same ways as live whiteboarding, except with video, you can whiteboard at scale and on demand at any time you need.

There are software programs you can use to make your own white explainer videos, such as GoAnimate, VideoScribe, and PowToon. You can also hire freelancers and production companies to produce them for you, or even go on Fiverr to find someone, although it will cost you more than $5 for something you will want to use. If you decide to hire someone, be sure to check out our post with tips and information for doing that.

Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples

1. Whiteboard Explainer video Example: VX Suite – Voice Over IP

2. Whiteboard Explainer Video Example: What is VistaOne Solutions?


3. Whiteboard Explainer Video Example: Cumulous