See the Video Ad That’s Been Watched 91 Million Times on Facebook

Check out the viral commercial sensation that below up on Facebook. Within 20 hours, this commercial for Smith & Forge hard cider had been watched 27 million times, and within a month had been seen over 91 million times.

The amusing video shows Kenneth Leverich, a professional CrossFit Games competitor, made up to resemble an 84-year-old man using elaborate makeup, prosthetics, and a wig. He shows up at Muscle Beach — where Schwarzenegger used to train — and starts deadlifting 535 pounds in an old man cardigan with elbow patches, blowing the minds of the weightlifters there and drawing a huge crowd.

Thrillist put together the ad for Smith & Forge as part of the campaign as part of a six-part series they call Hard Won.

For comparison, Procter & Gamble’s hit ad from last year, Like A Girl, only hit 76 million views nationally.