Real Estate Video Marketing – What The Top 15% Of Agents Do [Guide]

Real Estate Video Marketing In Action!

Real estate video marketing is a proven way to boost your leads, meet buyers and sellers, and ultimately earn more commissions.

The National Association of REALTORS® found that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer working with real estate agents who use video, but only 15 percent of agents are actually using video marketing. Cisco reports that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. And on Facebook, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.

So if you want to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents or offices, video marketing is a smart way to do it.

“For us, video marketing is a powerful way to drive sales for our clients. Not only are purchasers more engaged with our property listings, they are also reaching a larger audience because viewers tend to share videos via social networking sites.” — Nick Dowling, CEO, Jellis Craig Real Estate Group

Types of real estate marketing videos

Video marketing for real estate agents can be helpful in a variety of applications, with different types serving different purposes.

Fortunately the majority of types of real estate marketing videos don’t require a large budget to produce. Many can be filmed with a smartphone and some inexpensive accessories, and edited with free or cheap software and apps. This means that virtually anyone can put together a real estate marketing video as long as they have a sense of what to do.

Real estate agents use the following eight types of videos to market themselves and their services.

Now that you understand the benefits of effective video marketing for real estate agents, let’s explore the different types of videos.

Listing videos

Use a listing video to virtually transport buyers into a home that is for sale. This type of real estate video marketing gets prospects excited for a property from the comfort of their home or mobile phone. Since so many buyers are doing home research online, this real estate listing videos are a hallmark of good real estate video marketing.

Real estate listing videos can have high production value, like the one below.

Even a no-frills video like the one gives a real sense of being at the home, and it only took 2 minutes and 20 seconds to put together.

Real estate office promo videos

An overview of your real estate office in a marketing video is a good way to establish credibility and trust for all of your agents. Include snippets of interviews with office leadership, and customers too if you are able. Include data if possible, like the amount of homes sold or happy customers, as evidence to why someone should work with you over others.

Real estate agent profiles

Similar to the real estate office promo video, agent profiles focus on the people behind the business. Take this opportunity to showcase your real estate experience, highlight what makes you stand out, and most importantly, let people get to know and trust you.

Neighborhood guides

Neighborhood guides or review videos that highlight local businesses, schools, and other amenities. If you frequently represent properties in the same neighborhood, the one-time investment in this video becomes repeatable with every property in the neighborhood

Testimonial videos

In 2015, 42% of sellers used a agent that was referred to them by family and friends. Testimonial videos allow you to take the impact of those referrals and get it in front of prospective buyers where you have no immediate connection. Testimonials establish social proof that someone should work with YOU.

Informational how-to videos

Build trust by sharing videos that answer common questions on real-estate topics, such as the video helping first-time home buyers know what to do. You can make and share informational videos quickly. They will put your customers at ease having seen you demonstrate your knowledge of the real estate market.

Community Videos

When representing a housing community or even a single property, creating a video about not just the property but the community around it can be a very effective video marketing tactic for real estate agents. People don’t just move into a home or office, they move into the area around it, and a community-oriented video will put them at ease about their decision.

You should re-use this video if you have a lot of properties to sell in the same area. You might even search for a community event to attend and get some footage from.

Housing market updates and predictions

Film an update on the market and share your observations. This is another way to establish the authority of yourself or your office’s agents. Make sure you back up your claims with data to show that you’re educated in what’s happening.


Unconventional real estate marketing videos

As you can see, you don’t have to have gone to film school to do effective real estate video marketing. But one L.A. realtor who does have a background in film-making is using $20,000 plot-driven video shoots to grow his business and get exposure to high-end properties.

Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook and Other Social Networks

91% of realtors use social media to some extent. Since 8+ billion videos are viewed on Facebook on a daily basis, the combination of video and real estate marketing on Facebook is a natural one.

Any of the real estate video marketing examples above can and should be posted on Facebook if you’re leveraging that channel in your marketing. The same goes for other social networks, although keep in mind that each network has it’s own requires, such as the 15-second rule for Instagram.

Both Facebook and Twitter (via the Periscope app) now offer the ability to live stream video. If you have a following, this is a strong way to showcase your authentic self, and create a sense of urgency for someone to want to view your video. People spend 3X longer watching live video on Facebook than video that is no longer live. Plus, the production value for a live stream video doesn’t need to be as high. Your audience will understand that this is happening in real time and without a production team.

Put Your Video in a Real Estate Video Book

Real estate video books bring the impact of video into the real world. These physical objects look like print books, but when you open them, you find that a video player is set into the book. Specialty producers like Video Plus Print make these custom video playing books for you to put where magazines or other marketing materials might live. This is an opportunity to put engaging real estate agent or office profiles right in front of prospects as they wait. It’s also a way to extend your video marketing to people who aren’t in frequent digital contact with you.

Using Drones for High-End Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents who are selling luxury homes or properties with large yards or nice exteriors are now using inexpensive drones to shoot aerial footage. This kind of footage elevates your videos immensely. It can increase the perception of the value of a property and make it feel more high-end.

At the bottom of this post in the resources list are two popular drones on Amazon that are effective for this purpose.

Real Estate Video Marketing Resources: Apps, Software, Books & Gear

Low-budget video marketing equipment for real estate agents

Real estate video marketing web apps

  • Paradym, is a platform with dozens of real estate marketing tools including tools to create customized video tours.
  • Obeo is a virtual tour program that has a lot of customization options, like redecorating, and changing interior/exterior colors. As an option, try it out for free.

Video marketing apps for your smartphone

  • Camera Plus ($1.99) – more advanced video recording with some snazzy photo-taking features too
  • Videon ($4.99) – professional video editing app for your phone
  • YouTube Director for business (free) – create polished real estate video marketing ads right from your phone
  • Instagram (free)
  • Vine (free)

Real estate video marketing books and resources for beginners

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Real Estate Video Marketing

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