How to Combine Video Marketing With Email Marketing [Tips]

Video is among the most engaging content you can use, but an even more powerful combo is combining video marketing with email marketing.

When you include videos in your emails, you open the door to highly engaging email content with incredible clickthrough rates.

Using video also differentiates your brand. While your competitors are sending regular emails, you are using video to build a strong and trusting relationship with your customers.

How to combine video marketing with email marketing

You’re probably asking yourself how to embed marketing videos directly in emails. You thought it couldn’t be done. Video only works in Apple Mail.

It’s true, technically, you can’t embed working videos in emails, but you can do the next best thing: Drop a screenshot of a video player into the email, like in the screenshot above.

The screenshot of the player is enough for most people to provoke that natural desire to click play and watch the video anyway. Just make sure the picture of the video and where you take them are aligned, since you don’t want your reader to feel deceived.

You can also include a video link in the copy of the email, or in the PS or signature. If you look again at the screenshot above, they’ve done that too, in the signature, with a second, value-adding video!

When linking from an email, where should you post or host your video?

There are many places you can post a video. You can put videos in articles, on sales pages, or link directly to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. The answer of where to post depends on what you want to accomplish.

Generally speaking, you want your emails to link to videos on properties you own, like your website. The main reason is that when someone visits your site, you have an opportunity to track what happens next, and cookie them for retargeting. They may also click around your site now that they are on it.

You might post videos on a sales page with a strong call to action, or in a blog post or article.

You may want to link directly to a YouTube video if a reasonable percentage of your email list uses Gmail as their email client. If that is the case, your marketing email will show a playable preview of the YouTube video at the bottom of the email. Do this if watching the video is the most important action you want taken from this email. For example, a cold sales email may not have a high chance of getting a response. Put by linking to YouTube with a short demo or teaser video, you may get better results from your Gmail prospects.

Vimeo is also a great place to host videos because it is a much cleaner, distraction-free presentation. While I suggest you create pages for your videos on your own website, if that isn’t an option, Vimeo gives a more professional appearance than YouTube.

Tips and tricks for using videos in your marketing emails

Here are a few things I’ve learned to make using this technique more effective.

Tip 1: Use a short video, and tell the recipient just how long the video is. I’ve found that saying things like “Check out this video and learn in 90 seconds why this product will help your business” tends to work well. The user knows that they’re not getting sucked into an experience that will take longer than they want to spend.

Tip 2: Produce the video to include on-screen captions. Where appropriate, do this is your marketing emails because the person watching them may not want to reach for some headphones. If you use on-screen captions, with or without voice over, you enable the video to deliver its message with or without the audio.

Tip 3: Paste a screenshot of the video player in the email. This technique is so important it is worth repeating. If you do nothing else, do this.

Tip 4: Use video frequently. Some marketers will be satisfied with linking to a video once in an email and move on. If you do, you’re missing out on a larger opportunity to build your brand authority and create a relationship with your email list. Become that company with those videos and the people on your list will be more likely to open your emails time and time again because they know you deliver value when you email them.

Are you not sure what kind of video to use? Oracle recommends interviews, webinar/event teasers, and product news videos as a good starting point. MarketingProfs offers an infographic with a more expansive list.

Now you have advanced your expertise on combining video marketing with email marketing. You have some ideas for inspiration. Go take one of your existing videos, screenshot the player, and create a new email with it. Your list will thank you.