rob-lennon-bwSix years ago my boss took a chance on me. I was an office manager at a startup in Silicon Valley. After working with the marketing team to plan a major event, my marketing talent got noticed and my boss agreed to let me shift roles in the company.

I was good at storytelling and also good with technology, so all the video projects fell into my lap. Soon I was creating marketing videos for product releases, sales enablement, and channel sales for some of the biggest brands in the world.

In Silicon Valley, business moves fast, and I had to learn everything on the spot. The years that followed were emotionally the greatest, as I advanced and grew to master the craft of making marketing videos at a startup.

But I also faced a steep learning curve:

  • I struggled with knowing what software to use
  • My audio sounded terrible so people were abandoning my videos
  • I was reinventing the wheel with every project
  • Script-writing for marketing videos was unlike any other content I had ever worked on

Video Marketing Buff is the advice I wish I had put into practice when making my first videos — before I had invested countless hours in research, trial, and error — before I made videos that nobody wanted to watch.

Today my marketing videos are all over the websites for multiple startups. My sales enablement videos are helping our team win huge deals. I’m thankful that I have the knowhow to take full advantage of this remarkable format to accelerate the growth of our business, and deliver value in the process.

The naughty secret is that when I’m making videos these days, work doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun.

That, and I’m helping small business owners, product developers, online marketers and entrepreneurs engage, grow & sell with video.

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